Specification of Gwoods Chrono Jason:

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Gwoods Chrono Jason uses jabon wood, can be checked from which tree through the certificate check feature connected with chatbot Gwoods:
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FB Messenger: @greeny.gwoods

Jason Hard Wood Stabilizations

Made from a combination of wood from Indonesian nature, it is jabon (kadamba) wood that has been pressed it into a hardwood. Afterward, Jabon wood is combined with Sonokeling wood (Indian rosewood) which has beautiful and exotic texture.

Quartz Movement

The machine of GWoods Chrono Jason uses Quartz Movement, a watch movement with the well-known Japanese technology whose accuracy and quality have been proven.


Equipped with 3 (three) Chronograph which display millisecond, second, and minute. In addition to their function as stopwatch, the chronograph makes GWoods Chrono Jason look more sporty and luxurious.

Sapphire Crystal

GWoods Chrono Jason uses Sapphire Crystal which has a better quality than mineral glass, harder, brighter, scratchproof, flare resistant, and humidity proof.

Stainless Steel 316 Butterfly Clips & Crown Ring

The most stable and best steel, because it contains molybdenum that makes it resistant to corrosion and also nice when it comes into contact with skin. Butterfly Clips are made in a simple design and the strap is easy to lock and open.

30 M Water Resistant

Able to resist water spash/low intensity rain. It is not recomended wearing the watch in the bath or shower. While snorkeling, swimming, or even diving.

Gwoods Chrono Couple Watch

Couple watches are very popular in recent. One pair couple watches can stand encounter each other accidentally and we all gain love.

 Short Story

The wood that is used by GWOODS does not come from natural forest, but it comes from wood platation in Indonesia. In order to obtain the raw material of the wood, GWOODS, together with local communities, have planted trees independently on the lands which have not been planted with trees or unproductive lands in Indonesia. Of course, the lands have met the legality requirements and its license has been registered by the government of Indonesia. Therefore, GWOODS is allowed to use it. Through the development of wood plantation, according to one of GWOODS's vision, GWOODS has participated in keeping the conservation of natural forest, reforesting Earth, and increasing the prosperity of the farmers.

GWOODS Plantations

a. Development of Top Quality Seeds

The trees that are planted by GWOODS are jabon tree (Anthocephalus cadamba Miq). In order to obtain the best product, GWOODS has developed top quality seeds of jabon trees. The top quality seeds are obtained from seeds that have been selected from parent trees. Jabon trees have many advantages, as follows:

  • Jabon trees are type of fast growing trees, in around 5 to 6 years;
  • After the planting, Jabon trees can be harvested.
  • The diameter growth of the tree reaches an average of 5-10 cm;
  • In 5-6 years, the height of the trees has potential to reach 25 m; they grow easily on open lands, clay soil, podzolic loam soil, and stony soil;
  • Jabon trees have a straight and cylindrical trunk; they are resistant to pests and diseases; they do not need special treatment; they have wide and green leaves so that they can absorb more CO2 and produce more O2 compared to other trees.

b. Cultivation of Trees
The cultivation period takes place since the tree planting until the trees are ready to harvest. It meands 1 to 5 years in the cultivation.GWOODS utilizes the technology called the organic technology. The organic technology involves soil decomposer microorganisms. This technology is useful in repairing damaged structure of soil due to the use of chemical fertilizers in the past, so that the soil naturally will be fertilized again.

c. Farmers Get Many Benefits
Since the beginning of the planting in 2011, GWOODS in conducting the planting, nurturing, until the harvest time mostly has involved local farmers. On some lands of jabon trees, the farmers are permitted to plant secondary food crops by using the intercropping method. It means that the farmers have opportunity to plant secondary food crops between Jabon trees. The result of secondary crops is for the farmers themselves.

GWOODS has a mission for local farmers to get jobs and income for their daily life. Until 2016, this program has been conducted in some regions in Java Island. Mostly is centered in the West Java, Indonesia, namely in 9 regencies, 60 districts, 115 villages, involving 934 farmers and the number is  increasing continuously. The existence of the program has helped the farmers’ financial. Eventually, they get jobs and income to have a better life

Therefore, this program has helped them to send their children, who are almost dropped out, to schools to get better education. Along with the development, they can independently increase their agribussiness. 

“We want the world knows what we do, not what we sell”

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