Dare Forestry Guarantee Tree Planting Most Profitable Investment

Jakarta -Corporate forest planting trees offer land investment with profits manifold. Responding to offer this investment, the Ministry of Forestry (MoF) Zulkifli Hasan asserted including Janis teak tree investments more profitable than other investments.

“I fully support business activities in the forestry sector. It was more profitable than any investment,” said Zulkifli met at the Ministry of Forestry, Jakarta, Monday (08/18/2014).

In addition to teak, he pointed out there are now also sengon tree that can be planted with the investment cost but with the advantage that many times after a couple of years after planting.

“Imagine that the seed sengon Rp 100, 5 so Rp 300,000. Anyway profits many times away from other investments. If there is a group of investment whether identity, Albizia, and so must be very profitable,” he said.

He also added that the investment in the forestry sector is minimal risk, even inclined there is no risk as long as the board or the company that manages this is not problematic. In addition, people can also manage their own investments tree.

“Planting a tree is not no risk. Staying flush it. The risk was yes managers. Content management is correct or not,” he said.

According tree investing in Indonesia is very favorable compared to doing the same in other countries. Indonesia has the advantage that the tropical region.

“We invest ground year-round sunshine, 5 years old can harvest. In Europe, it was 100 years we are 5 years old. Lost it all,” he said.

In addition, planting trees is an investment in renewable activity, meaning there will be depleted process cycle. While mining minerals such investments are no limits endless,

“Investment else lose all, gold is taken up,” he said.

Source: www.finance.detik.com

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