BAROS – Protecting the earth from environmental damage can be done in various ways, one of which invests wood or green property known as Green Communities conducted Warrior. Currently, the property business in the wood under the auspices of Global Media Nusantara (GMN) Group own investment Jabon tree in five regions of West Java province, one in Sukabumi.

Commissioner of the Global Media Nusantara (GMN) Group, Wira Pradana said, in contrast to other investment business, activity Green Warrior is quite unique. Because, in addition to positive activities that preserve the environment, it is also able to generate economy for its members.

It is said Wira, Green Warrior Squad care institutions in the greening movement deserves appreciation. Because, by planting trees, will cause a reduction in vacant land and increasing green land. Thus, the impact on improving the quality of the environment.

He also emphasized that the investment is not just a business to take profit. At least, has two advantages, glorious and prosperous.

“The business is mentioned noble, because now Indonesia and the world have suffered environmental damage. By doing the tree planting business, would be one of the secure movement earth campaign, “said the man born in Malang, East Java, 35 years ago the.

News itself listed as one of the successful people in the book Profile Top Indonesia, formerly also a career in the IT field. With his expertise, he develops his business by promoting a secure movement of the earth by planting trees as much as possible. He said that, in the district over the past five years he has investment land with 1,500 trees produce Jabon per month.

He explained that the investment business developed in a way to embrace the farmers in the area, particularly disadvantaged areas which still have a community-owned land to start planting trees, especially trees Jabon. In addition, it was to provide guidance to farmers who participate in the activities of the Green Warrior. If it has been harvested, then the results will be purchased for the right price.

“We do not just investment, but also to provide guidance to farmers, and here there are two programs that we develop. First, the guidance to farmers on planting nurseries and coaching, “he explained.

Until now, of the five regions, it has reached 1 million trees. Currently, the institute also was cooperating with the government of Sukabumi to start moving the Green Warrior. Was attended by Head of business waste and Cemetery (DPSPP) of Sukabumi, Adil Budiman greatly appreciate the invitation.

However, the former head of the Environment Agency (BLH), the City of Sukabumi deeply regrets. Because, unlike the Sukabumi district that still has public forests, to the city of Sukabumi minimal forest land.

“Probably for most of our city residents wile private land. I think this program is very good and should be appreciated, “he said.

Meanwhile, Jabon wood was not only used as a raw material for the property alone. But this time, the property business are many idolized timber outside the country turned out to be creation with unique items made of wood. One of them watches and sunglasses are made of wood. Both of these accessories are native to Indonesia branded G-Woods.

President Director of PT Global Media Nusantara (GMN), Hendrayana say, a product for the current accessories in between, Yogyakarta, and there are several other areas, such as in Bandung. The basic ingredients used is made with wood raw materials Jabon.

“Our products are already there are up to foreign countries such as Australia, China, Singapore and some other countries,” he explained.

Source: Radar Sukabumi

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