There Eyewear and Watches Made Wood Jabon

SUKABUMI, – Jabon wood was not only used as a raw material for the property alone.

Apparently a lot of lifestyle accessories are also produced from wood raw material with the Latin name Anthocephalus cadamba it. Among these watches and sunglasses.

Both of these accessories are native to Indonesia branded G-Woods.

Even the manufacturing process involves a number of people with disabilities.

“Watches and glasses are made with wood raw materials Jabon,” said President Director of PT Global Media Nusantara (GMN), Hendrayana to sidelines Jamboree Green Warrior in Bukit Baros, Kebonpedes subdistrict, Sukabumi, West Java, on Saturday (05/28/2016).

Manufacture, further Hendrayana, in addition to involving craftsmen also persons with disabilities.

Products for the current accessories such as in Yogyakarta and there are several other areas, such as in Bandung.

“For there was a touch accessories other than engines, still involves craftsmen and persons with disabilities,” he said.

According Hendrayana company in addition to producing a variety of accessories are also a lot of other products.

As for furniture, sticky woods, hardwood flooring, furniture and lumber digital furniture.

“Our products already export also to Singapore and Australia. Hopefully in the future could export to various countries,” please Hendrayana.

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