Our Five Fold Goals

  1. Environmentally Friendly and Green Processes
    We believe in doing things that are good for the environment, from our organic fertilizers that works to heal the land, to the management of our wood waste products to convert into energy products, and ultimately, to save the forest from deforestation and reduce global warming.
  2. Ecological Balance to the Environment
    We are sensitive to maintain an ecological balance in the environment because we don’t want to destroy the environment where we working in. As an example, instead of relying on chemical fertilizers which eventually kills the beneficial micro-organisms in the soil and “kills” the earth in the long run, we developed a revolutionary organic fertilizer that works by first healing the land to restore the fine ecological balance in the soil. As a result, our trees grow faster with greener and more luxuriant leaves, and yield greater volume of wood per tree. The hundreds of thousands of trees we have, also contributed to a greener earth as the leaves absorbs carbon dioxide from the air.
  3. Enriching Experience for the Society
    We create new jobs and better paying ones where there were few before, and in so doing, changed the economic lives of not just for the farmers who are planting and nurturing our trees, but the lives of all our trees’ investors, factory operators and tens of thousands of marketers around the world.
  4. Experientially Rewarding for every Individual
    Though it is rewarding in monetary terms, our greatest pleasure is realized in the lives of the people we have touched and transformed, as we see the quality of life improved in the people who are associated with us, and especially when we work together to build not just a greener world, an economically strong community, but also a better tomorrow for our next generation, environmentally as well as financially.
  5. Economically Profitable for the Company
    No businesses can survive long if it is not profitable. We are glad that we have a group of dedicated partners, from business alliances, to marketing, to admin staff and also to the thousands of farmers who believe in us, and of course, to the Government of Indonesia, who are all supportive of our cause and our goals to make all our lives better economically and socially while at the same time, doing good to the environment. When every of our associates are prospering in every sense of the word, we as a company prospers as well!We are aiming to grow into a global organisation as we believe we have a solution to the keep our earth green and at the same time, address the shortages of hardwood around the world. If you are an individual or organisation who can identify with these goals as well, we would love to invite you to join us in our efforts to make this world a greener and better place for all! Please feel free to drop us a line!