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Jabon Tree (Anthocephalus Cadamba)

Jabon Wood has a fairly high market demand not only domestically , but also internationally. The uses for this wood, include building materials, plywood, products of woodworking and craft items . In the last five years, the demand for Jabon and Albasia timber has increased greatly. This was due to a chronic lack of Jabon and Albasia timber stocks for industrial raw materials outside the island of Java .

The most widely used industrial wood in the plywood industry is Jabon. Initially used for wood face veneer, with the core side and back veneer using Albasia, but in recent years Jabon has been used both on the back and face veneer and even for the core. As it is, the timber Jabon has now replaced natural woods such as Meranti wood.

Java’s wood industry has increased, while industries outside Java has decreased in the same period. There is a tendency to shift plywood and veneer industries to Java as it is the logical source of raw materials . In addition to the veneer industry, there are also many industries here which process Jabon and albasia timber for export, either in the form of semi-finished goods such as furniture components and finished goods in the form of furniture and craft items .

The use of Jabon wood in various products that used to use Albasia wood has increased, as Jabon possesses properties such as lightweight, durability, ease of drying and easy to be formed. With diversity of use, the demand for Jabon Wood has exceeded supply, causing prices to rise.

GWoods – The Green Hardwood

With the supply of hardwood greatly reduced as a result of the need to protect forest wood, the price of hardwood has been on the rise as demand exceeds supply of hardwood. Even with the adoption of good governance in the harvesting of forest wood, supply continues to lag behind as it takes decades to replace hardwood trees!

In order to tap into the hardwood market, we have developed techniques of converting 5 year old Jabon softwood, into hardwood that looks and works exactly like natural hardwood. We call this amazing product GWoods.

Using our proprietary technique, we can produce hardwood from our plantation grown 5 year old Jabon softwood. The result is a solid hardwood with a density and hardness equivalent with 30 year old teak wood species, like Ulin or Merbau, both of which command high market value.

This manufacturing process, which involves a meticulous processes that is part science and part art, we can produce hardwood that’s not just hard, but it can come in varying shades of color, with beautiful grain patterns as well.

The result is a hardwood product that is hard wearing, water resistant and termite proof!

1 cubic metre of GWoods will yield about 66 square metre of 15mm thick tongue and groove floorboards. With the price of hardwood on the rise, and forest wood dwindling in supply, we believe we have an economical and green solution to save the forest and still satisfy the demand for hardwood around the world!

Jabon Wood Synopsis

Prof. Dr. Ir. Abdullah Syam, M.Sc
One of the foremost forestry experts from the R & D centers of conservation and rehabilitation in the Forestry Ministry
Functional Expertise:
Principal Investigator and
Forest Management
Other positions held and Achievements:

2006-2013 Chairman of the Assessment Team Research Agencies
2009-2013 Chairman of the Research Council of the Ministry of Forestry
2011-2013 Chairman and Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of the Conservation and Rehabilitation
Presently retired and focus a commissioner of PT. Global Agro Business

He is also author of over 65 Published Essays, some of which are as follow:

Mukhtar , A.S.1995 , City Role In Forest Environmental Care . Review and Scientific reviews , DG PHPA , Bogor / Jakarta
Mukhtar , A.S.2000 . Potential Forest Resources in Developing the Regional Economy . Proceedings of Research Results . The role of R & D in Efforts to Increase Productivity of Forests to Support Regional Autonomy , Bogor , P3HKA . 2000 ISBN : 979-95536 – x
Detailed images of land boundaries and the position of the tree with the dots indicating the coordinates
Accurate data collection and control of Green Property details using advanced geodetic mapping technology

Map of trees cluster
Systematic reporting of growth through onsite webcam

Products of I- GIST , under PT Global Agro Business has been internationally certified ISO 9001-2008.
All our trees are planted from seedlings and all are owned either by PT. GAB or an I-GIST Tree Owner. Owner trees are individually geo-tagged and are managed by PT. GAB’s professional team, with our partnering Plasma Farmers, from seedling to harvest.

Our systematic and detailed management process has been awarded an ISO 9001-2008 certification by ASRICERT Indonesia, a statement that attest to our professionalism and dedication to ensure repeatable success!