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Pilihan Warna

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Solid wood is natural wood, which is used in its intact form, including after being processed into beams, planks or lathes. This term is most often used to distinguish between ordinary wood (solid wood) and artificial wood (manufactured wood); but in English the term solid wood also refers to wood-based structures that do not have hollow space. Solid wood refers to the use of wood as a whole, whether in the form of beams, boards, wood cylinders (for poles, furniture legs), or shapes another form.
Still referred to as solid wood, if these beams or boards are connected using laminated joints, finger joints or other constructions; provided that it only consists of wood base material without being mixed or combined with other forms of material or commonly called mixed wood.

Length   : 100 - 200 cmcm

Width   : 15 - 120 cmcm