““By purchasing  GWOODS products, you have participated in the Movement of Save the Earth, initiated by Green Warrior Community – Planting a tree can fulfill the needs of oxygen for 3 people.”

Our Earth Is Our Mutual Responsibility

Did you know that planet Earth is in an increasingly critical condition? We often see and hear through the media that in other parts of Earth disasters, such as earthquake, flood, drought, storm, and increasing temperature and also extremely hot climate, are occurring. And even, many people have become the victims of the disasters. It has become our concern and sorrow about what have happened to our “brothers and sisters”.

Apart from that, the use of fuel for vehicles and industries cannot be avoided that the contamination of carbon in the air is getting higher and uncontrollable.

Then, how about our natural forests which have the function to absorb carbon in the air? Unfortunately, the forests on the Earth are getting depleted due to the act of irresponsible people. They cut down trees in natural forests to take their own private economic advantages without restoring the natural forests. Eventually, natural forests are getting degraded and smaller.

In fact, planet Earth is our residence, hence we also have to protect and to take care of it together, so that we safely and comfortably live on it.

Therefore, GWOODS care about protecting and preserving our planet Earth. GWOODS realize it by increasing tree planting. Trees have an important role in keeping the Earth’s temperature stabile because they can absorb carbon. Besides, trees can also produce oxygen; hence we can breathe and stay alive.

GWOODS Short Story

The wood used by GWOODS does not come from natural forests, but it comes from People’s Forests (HR) in Indonesia. In order to obtain the raw material of the wood, GWOODS, together with the people, have independently planted trees on the lands which have not been planted with trees or unproductive lands in Indonesia. Of course, the lands have met the legality requirements and their license has been registered by the government of Indonesia so that GWOODS is allowed to use them. Through the development of People’s Forests, in accordance with one of its visions, GWOODS has participated in keeping the conservation of natural forests, in reforesting the planet Earth and in fostering the prosperity of the villagers.

1. GWOODS Plantations

  • The Development Of Top Seeds

The trees planted by GWOODS are the jabon tree (Anthocephalus cadamba Miq). In order to obtain the best product, GWOODS has developed top quality seeds of jabon trees from the seeds of selected parent trees. Jabon trees have many advantages, as follows

  1. Jabon trees belong to the type of fast growing trees, in around 5 to 6 years since the planting, jabon trees can be harvested;
  2. The diameter growth of the tree reaches an average of 5-10 cm;
  3. In 5-6 years, the height of the trees has potential to reach 25 m; they grow easily on open lands, clay soil, podzolic  loam soil, and stony soil;
  4. Jabon trees have a straight and cylindrical trunk; they are resistant to pests and diseases; they do not need special treatment; they have wide and green leaves so that they can absorb more CO2 and produce more O2 compared to other trees.
  • Cultivation of Trees

The cultivation period takes place since the tree planting until the trees are ready to harvest, that is, 1 to 5 years. In the cultivation, GWOODS utilizes the technology called the organic technology. The organic technology involves soil decomposer microorganisms. This technology is useful in repairing damaged structure of soil due to the use of chemical fertilizers in the past, so that the soil naturally will be fertile again.

  • Farmers Get Many Benefits

Since the beginning of the planting in 2011, GWOODS in conducting the planting, nurturing, until the harvest time has mostly involved local farmers. In some lands of jabon, the farmers are given the opportunity to plant secondary food crops by using the intercropping method, that is, planting secondary food crops between jabon trees. The produce is for the farmers themselves.

GWOODS has a mission that local farmers get jobs and income for their daily life. Until 2016 this program has been conducted in some regions in Java Island, mostly centered in the West Java area, Indonesia, namely in 9 regencies, 60 districts, 115 villages, involving 934 farmers and the number is continuously increasing. The existence of the program has helped the farmers’ economy. They get jobs and income so that they have a better life.

Even, this program can help them send their children, who almost dropped out, to schools to get better education. Along with the development, they can independently increase their agribusiness.

2. High Quality Wooden Products from GWOODS

GWOODS has made high quality products from jabon wood taken from the trees it plants, not from natural forests. Beside the trees, jabon wood also has special characters and uniqueness, among other things,

  1. jabon wood belongs to soft wood and it is easy to process;
  2. the wood is yellowish white and it has soft grain,
  3. it is not favored by termites,
  4. when it is processed into hardwood, its hardness and strength can be equivalent to hard wood like teak.

GWOODS makes various wooden products, among other things, watches, interior decoration for walls and floors (flooring), flash disks, bags, ties, et cetera. Further information can be seen at the official website of GWOODS:

GWOODS products are made by utilizing the combination of computerized digital technology and the touch of arts from the hands of skilled craftsmen (digital computer technology + handmade). As for the proceeds of the sale of GWOODS products, it will be used to develop People’s Forests (HR) again.

 Supporting and Empowering Local/Regional Craftsmen

In manufacturing its wooden products, GWOODS involves and fosters local craftsmen in some regions in Indonesia. GWOODS has a mission to participate in supporting and helping local/regional craftsmen, so that they get jobs and a better, more appropriate income. Up until now (2016), just in the production of watches, GWOODS has involved and fostered ± 400 craftsmen in some regions, namely West Java, Banten, Yogyakarta, Bali, and Sumatra. Even, among them there are disabled persons lacking the sense of hearing and the ability to speak.

Contribution of GWOODS to the world

GWOODS does not merely sell quality products from woods. Besides that, GWOODS has a noble goal: to reforest the Earth by increasing the tree planting for People’s Forests. The tree planted is the jabon tree. Before being harvested, for 5-6 years those trees have served greatly to

  • provide shade,
  • decrease the temperature,
  • store water reserves,
  • suppress noise,
  • hold wind,
  • give comfort,
  • prevent landslide (erosion),
  • prevent flood,
  • absorb carbon,
  • produce oxygen, et cetera.

Those trees have given benefits to the people and animals that live around them. Even, after being harvested, those trees will grow again by themselves. Until 2016, 1,204,921 jabon trees have been planted and the number will always increase. Besides that, more than 1,197 ha of lands has become beneficial and productive ones.

Based on the research conducted by DR.Ir. Syaukat Ali, M.Sc., each jabon tree:

  1. absorbs an average of 1,235.8 pounds of carbon dioxide per year
  2. produces an average of 1,235 kilograms of oxygen per year
  3. According to Prof. Dr. Balthasar Kambuaya, M.B.A. (Minister of environment of Indonesia the period 2011-2014) one tree can fullfill the need of oxygen for 3 people.
  4. Therefore, the total contribution of GWOODS to the world  for 5 years from 1,204,921 jabon trees that GWOODS have planted is:
  5. absorbing carbon dioxide 1,489,041,372 kilograms or 1,489,041.4 tons
  6. producing oxygen as much as 1,488,077,435 kilograms or 1,488,077.4 tons
  7. fulfilling the need of oxygen for 3,614,763 people

By purchasing and owning this GWOODS product, it means that you have participated in protecting the earth, preventing the increase of global warming, reducing the symptoms of the “climate change” or extreme climate change, absorbing carbon, supplying oxygen.

“We want the world to know what we do, not what we sell”

  1. Environmentally Friendly and Green Processes
    We believe in doing things that are good for the environment, from our organic fertilizers that works to heal the land, to the management of our wood waste products to convert into energy products, and ultimately, to save the forest from deforestation and reduce global warming.2
  2. Ecological Balance to the Environment
    We are sensitive to maintain an ecological balance in the environment because we don’t want to destroy the environment where we working in. As an example, instead of relying on chemical fertilizers which eventually kills the beneficial micro-organisms in the soil and “kills” the earth in the long run, we developed a revolutionary organic fertilizer that works by first healing the land to restore the fine ecological balance in the soil. As a result, our trees grow faster with greener and more luxuriant leaves, and yield greater volume of wood per tree. The hundreds of thousands of trees we have, also contributed to a greener earth as the leaves absorbs carbon dioxide from the air.3
  3. Enriching Experience for the Society
    We create new jobs and better paying ones where there were few before, and in so doing, changed the economic lives of not just for the farmers who are planting and nurturing our trees, but the lives of all our trees’ investors, factory operators and tens of thousands of marketers around the world.
  4. Experientially Rewarding for every Individual
    Though it is rewarding in monetary terms, our greatest pleasure is realized in the lives of the people we have touched and transformed, as we see the quality of life improved in the people who are associated with us, and especially when we work together to build not just a greener world, an economically strong community, but also a better tomorrow for our next generation, environmentally as well as financially.
  5. Economically Profitable for the Company
    No businesses can survive long if it is not profitable. We are glad that we have a group of dedicated partners, from business alliances, to marketing, to admin staff and also to the thousands of farmers who believe in us, and of course, to the Government of Indonesia, who are all supportive of our cause and our goals to make all our lives better economically and socially while at the same time, doing good to the environment. When every of our associates are prospering in every sense of the word, we as a company prospers as well!

We are aiming to grow into a global organisation as we believe we have a solution to the keep our earth green and at the same time, address the shortages of hardwood around the world. If you are an individual or organisation who can identify with these goals as well, we would love to invite you to join us in our efforts to make this world a greener and better place for all! Please feel free to drop us a line!

Our Processes


From seeds to selected saplings to full grown trees that reach 15 meters hight on the 6th year...


Plasma Farmers


Product Partners - Plywood Factory


Green Warriors - Our Trees Acquisition Partners


It is important that what we do is beneficial to the environment. As a company which believes in doing good, we are privilege to have the opportunity to touch and change lives in real and tangible ways and to change entire communities for the better. The following are testimonies of some of the lives we have touched. We urge you to read their stories and join us in our efforts to make this world a better place for all…

Mrs. Virginia Sattler, USA

a315a8_dd839c3ca3ed4b039f84c2f806add3d9My name is Virginia Sattler, a business woman from America. During my stay in Indonesia, a friend of mine, Mr. Wayan Sukawijaya, told me about a very promising project that is taking place called “Go Green”. When I learned about this risk free and environmentally friendly enterprise, I wanted to become a member immediately. I am proud to say, by participating through I-Gist, I now will be part of the positive solution in caring and creating sustainable ecology by planting and harvesting Jabon Trees. I can foretell that the Indonesia economy will continue to grow and prosper, and I am delighted to be a part of its’ success.

The above is just one of the many investors who are not just investors in our program, but our fellow partners to change the world. Stories abound of changed lives as a result of what the business brought to them financially. In some villages where we recruited farmers to our Plasma Farmers program, we had the opportunity to change not just their lives but the lives of entire villages as well. Men who had to live for far away places to find work, leaving their wives and children behind, sometimes never to return, are now happily settled with their families because of the work that our business created for them. With better income, they are not only able to have a better standard of living, they are also able to send their children to schools to be educated, and in so doing, build a better educated generation.
In the five years since investors started investing in our trees, we have had several touching stories of how lives have been changed for the better. Stories from individuals whose life has changed because of better income to stories of how families in whole villages have changed for the better due to job opportuities provided by GAB. We will be adding these stories in time to come.